WWII Era USMC M1944 Camouflage Mosquito Helmet Net or Sniper Vail for M1 Helmet

N.O.S. , unmarked

€ 50,00

This is a WWII USMC camouflaged mosquito netting. As issued for the South Pacific theatre. The design of the cover consisted of cotton material in the top section. Netting attached to that with a draw string at the end of the net.

The cover was intended for use with the M-1 helmet but could also be employed by itself. the entire cover is of camouflaged color. Because it breaks up the silhoutte so well some people attribute its use by snipers. While that was not the original design it is possible that it was employed in that fashion.

The camouflage design mateches the USMC camo uniform.

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