WW2 US Army M4 Lightweight Service Mask with bag and accessories

Very good condition , all items in very good condition, some light rust on metal hooks of bag

€ 225,00

The M4 Lightweight Service Mask was a gas mask used by the United States during World War II. The unsatisfactory weight and bulk of the M2 series masks led to the development of an improved service gas mask. In 1942, the M3 Lightweight Service Gas Mask was standardized, weighing only 3.5 pounds vs. about 5 pounds for the M2. It used the molded rubber facepiece from the M2A2 mask with the addition of an interior anti-fogging nosecup, and an improved, lighter M10A1 filter canister. The changes and improvements retained the same level of protection to the wearer as the M2 series mask. The corrugated hose between the facepiece and the canister was shortened to save materials. The M3 was manufactured from both grey rubber and black Neoprene (synthetic rubber). The Neoprene was found to become unusable in cold weather due to hardening of the mask under those conditions while the natural rubber remained flexible even in cold weather.

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