Honorable Discharge Badge US Army WW2

OD type

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A device of woven material consisting of a lozenge background 1 1/2 inches in height and 3 inches in width, long axis horizontal and the design of the lapel button for service since 8 Sep 1939 in golden yellow. The ring of the design is 1 inch in diameter. The background will be of olive drab for wear on the enlisted man's service coat the other woolen outer garments, and of khaki for wear on the summer shirt.



According to Circular No. 454 dated 29 Nov 1944, the War Department adopted an honorable discharge emblem for wear on the uniform of all military personnel who are discharged or separated from the service under honorable conditions. The emblem will be worn as a badge of honor indicative of honest and faithful service while a member of the Armed Forces during World War II and will be issued in addition to the button. At the time of honorable discharge or separation from the service, the emblem will be permanently affixed on the right breast of all the outer clothing centered immediately above the pocket with the long axis of the lozenge horizontal.

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