Medaille miniature Expert Rife Marksmanship US Navy (Expert rifle Marksmanship miniature Medal US Navy)

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For a decade, from 1910 to 1920, the United States Navy awarded a marksmanship badge called the Navy Sharpshooter's Badge or Navy Sharpshooter's Medal to Sailors and Naval Officers who qualified with the service rifle and/or service pistol. The Navy Sharpshooter's Badge was awarded at two qualification levels, Expert (highest qualification level) and Sharpshooter. Despite this, the 1913 Uniform Regulations for the United States Navy stated that the Navy Sharpshooter's Badge outranked all other marksmanship badges on the Navy uniform, including marksmanship competition badges.

The Navy Sharpshooter's Badge was made of antique bronze with a rectangular brooch that had the word "SHARPSHOOTER" embossed in its center with circling serpent bookends. Below the brooch hung two types of clasps, an Expert Qualification Clasp and a Qualification Year Clasp. From those clasps hung the badge's pendent.

The Expert Qualification Clasp is identical in design to the brooch but with the word(s) "EXPERT," for the service rifle, or "EXPERT PISTOL SHOT," for the service pistol. Each time a shooter requalified as Expert, another Expert Qualification Clasp was hung from the badge. If no Expert Qualification Clasp was suspended from the badge, then the shooter qualified as a Sharpshooter with the service rifle and/or service pistol. The Qualification Year Clasp is different in design from the brooch which incorporated three ovals along its access for the placement of Year Disks. The Year Disk was made of silver and embossed with the year the shooter qualified/requalified. On the fourth requalification year, another Qualification Year Clasp was hung from the badge with a fourth Year Disk embossed with the year of requalification. There was no limit to the number of clasps that could be hung from the badge.[23][24]

Hanging from the clasp(s) was the badge's pendent, which is the design basis for today's Navy Marksmanship Medals. The only difference between the pendent of the Navy Sharpshooter's Badge and the Navy Marksmanship Medals is the metal color (from antique bronze to gold), the deletion of the crossed rifles from behind a replica of a rifle target, and the addition of the words "EXPERT RIFLEMAN" or "EXPERT PISTOL SHOT" embossed above the rifle target.

Starting in 1920, Navy Marksmanship Ribbons replaced the Navy Sharpshooter's Badge. There are two types of Navy Marksmanship Ribbons, one for the service rifle and one for the service pistol. Each can be embellished with a Marksmanship Device to denote the shooter's qualification level. An "E" Device is awarded to those who qualify as Experts (the highest qualification level) while an "S" Device is awarded to those who qualify as Sharpshooters (second highest qualification). If no Marksmanship Device is displayed, the shooter qualified as a Marksman (lowest qualification level). Starting in 1969, the Rifle Marksmanship Medal and Pistol Marksmanship Medal were introduced and are awarded to Sailors and Naval Officers who qualify as Expert along with the appropriate Navy Marksmanship Ribbon with "E" Device

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