Merchant Marine World War II Victory Medal

The medal is bronze and features the image of a female figure holding a trident and an olive branch; an inscription reads “WORLD WAR II.” The reverse depicts an anchor within a circle of rope and a ribbon that reads “FIRMITAS-ADVERSARIA-SUPERAT,” meaning “the strength to overcome an adversary,” and an inscription reading UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE 1941-1945” encircles the image. The ribbon is bisected by a thin vertical red stripe flanked on either side by a thin stripe each of yellow, green, blue, and white as well as a thicker red stripe on each edge

€ 18,00

Established on August 8, 1946, the Merchant Marine World War II Victory Medal honors United States Marine mariners who carried out service onboard merchant ships running American colors between the dates of December 7, 1941 and September 3, 1945 for a minimum term of 30 days. The Merchant Marine consists of civilian mariners who operate privately and federally owned vessels; in wartime, these vessels may be called to provide transportation or other support for military troops or supplies.

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