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The 9th Coast Artillery Regiment was a Coast Artillery regiment in the United States Army.

Constituted 27 February 1924 in the regular Army as the 9th Coast Artillery Harbor defense (HD) and organized at Fort Bankson 1 July 1924. from the following Companies.- 172nd, 59th, 113th, 120th, 136th, 137th, 177th, 178th, only Batteries HHB, A, and C, activated.

  • Batteries A, and C, inactivated 20 February 1930.
  • Battery A reactivated 1 July 1939 at Fort Banks and assigned to Fort Strong.
  • Battery B activated 1 July 1940 at Fort Banks.
  • HHB, of 1st and 2nd Battalions activated at Fort Warren (Massachusetts), and Fort Strong.
  • Battery C activated at Fort Banks on 1 July 1940, assigned to Great Brewster Island on 19 July 1943.
  • Batteries D, and E, activated at Fort Warren 1 July 1940. (Battery D assigned to Fort Dawes until redesignated battery F and moved to Fort Warren on 2 October 1941). Then redesignated HHB 3rd Battalion and reassigned to Fort Ruckman
  • Battery F activated at Fort Strong 2 October 1941, and assigned to a 155mm Battery at Salisbury Beach.

On 1 June 1941 3rd Battalion was activated as Follows-

  • HHB 2nd Battalion redesignated HHB 1st Battalion on 10 October 1941
  • HHB regimental redesignated HHB 2nd Battalion
  • Battery C redesignated Battery D.
  • Battery D redesignated Battery F.
  • Battery F redesignated Battery C.
  • HHB 3rd Battalion activated 1 June 1941 at Fort Heath.
  • Batteries G, and I activated at Fort Andrews 1 June 1941
  • Battery H activated at Fort Banks 1 June 1941
  • Battery K (SL) activated 1 June 1941, and assigned to various posts around Boston Harbor.

On 8 March 1943 HHB 3rd Battalion, and Batteries H, I, and K transferred to Fort Ruckman and Battery G to East Point Nahant, MA.

9th Coast Artillery Regiment reassigned to Fort Hood, Texas 14 March 1944
  • disbanded 26 June 1944

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