Mouwembleem 14th Armored Division (Sleevebadge 14th Armored Division)

WW 2 aanmaak

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The 14th Armored Division was an armored division of the United States Army assigned to the Seventh Army of the Sixth Army Group during World War II. It remains on the permanent roll of the Regular Army as an inactive division, and is eligible for reactivation. The division is officially nicknamed the "Liberators". The division was organized and activated as a heavy division in 1942. Early in 1943, the Army Ground Force began a series of studies to reorganize the various divisions within the Army. After reviewing the tables of organization and after allowing the various commands to review and comment on the proposed restructure, the divisional strength of the 14 organized armored divisions was reduced from 14,630 men to 10,937. The restructuring removed the armored regiment and infantry regiment from the table of organization and replaced them with three tank battalions and three armored infantry battalions. Both Combat Commands, A and B remained but an additional Command - CCR, was added to the organization. This was a small headquarters element of 10 personnel tasked with the command and control of the division rear area. The 125th Engineer Battalion lost its bridge company, and the engineer line companies were reduced to three. The 94th Cavalry Recon Squadron was increased in size to include an HQ troop, four line troops, an assault gun troop (with four platoons) and a light tank company. Within the division trains, the division lost its support battalion and supply company

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