Mouwembleem West Point Cadet (green back Sleeve patch West Point Cadet)

early WW 2 green back

The interwar years were austere for the Army and the Academy but advances and progress were made mainly based on the quality of leaders who graduated after the turn of the century. Future senior commanders such as MacArthur, Jonathan Wainwright (Class of 1906), father of the U.S. Air Force Henry “Hap” Arnold (Class of 1907), George Patton (Class of 1909), Joseph “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell (Class of 1904), Dwight Eisenhower (Class of 1915), and Omar Bradley (Class of 1915) were among an impressive array of Academy graduates who met the challenge of leadership in World War II. During the war, a third of the Corps of Cadets underwent flight training at Stewart Field in nearby Newburgh. Nearly all the major ground and U.S. Army Air Forces units in World War II were commanded by West Point officers. More than 600 members of the Long Gray Line lost their lives in foreign lands in the war.

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