US Army Airborne Parachutist Medic Medical Pouch 1944

There is a US marking on the edge of the flap and is dated 1944 on the interior. Not much real evidence of any prior usage. No rips or tears, no fading of color. This is a VERY RARE item that is seldom encountered. It will make a welcomed addition to any WWII US Army Airborne Collection.

€ 975,00

This is a large first aid bag for parartroop medics in dark OD Green canvas. This was strapped on the chest for the drop. It has three large internal pouches, that folds up and is enclosed with the cover flap. It has a set of attached shoulder straps. See Henri-Paul Enjames book of US Army Collectibles, showing the Parachutist Medical Pouch, see page #144.

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