SCR-211-J Frequency Meter Set (BC-221-J)

Made by Zenith Radio Corp Chicago Illinois 1942


Precision heterodyne frequency meter designed to measure or radiate radio-frequency impulses between 125 kHz and 20 MHz. Portable, self-contained, used mainly to calibrate field radio receivers and transmitters by direct comparison with the crystal-calibrated variable frequency oscillator of the instrument. Frequency readings provided by a calibration book. Contained 1 MHz crystal oscillator and variable frequency oscillator operating in two switched ranges: 125 to 250 kHz and 2 to 4 MHz. The 2nd, 4th and 8th harmonics of the low-frequency range were used to cover 250 kHz to 2 MHz, while the 2nd, 4th and 5th harmonics of the high-frequency range were used to cover 4 MHz to 20 MHz. Supplied with aluminum-alloy cabinet. Required six BA-2 batteries (22.5V each), four BA-23 batteries (1.5V each) and P-18 or P-20 headset.

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