US Army T-45 Lip-microphone 1944

marked T45 1944 dated

€ 22,50

The T-45 microphone can be used with most war time American radios such as the BC-1000, BC-1306, GRC-9. The microphone is normally used along with the HS-30 headset and SW-141 PTT switch. The T-45 microphone is a carbon type Noise Canceling microphone designed for operation on a nominal current of 50 miliamps. The resistance of the unit is between 50 and 125 Ohms at 1000 cycles per second. Frequency response is substantially flat from 200 to 4000 cycles per second. The microphone is worn close to the operator’s mouth and responds to his voice. However sounds originating farther away, such as background noise or battle noise, are cancelled in the microphone because of its differential type of construction.

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