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Gum, chewing Wrigley's (K-Ration)

The use of waxed paper indeed indicates wartime production

pack contains four 2.2 x .6 mm tabs of chewing gum, wrapped in plain greaseproof paper with an overwrap label advertising the contents. The label, in yellow and red, states "WRIGLEY'S / P.K. / SUGAR COATED CHEWING GUM

€ 40,00

Three types of chewing gum were used with the K Ration: The tablet type, stick type and later the small candy coated tablets.

Gum, chewing Wrigley's (K-Ration)

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  • Gum, chewing Wrigley's (K-Ration)
  • Gum, chewing Wrigley's (K-Ration)