USAF Air Force Network Integration Center patch (AFNIC)

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The Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC), located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, is the United States Air Force's only organization for Air Force Network integration, cyber simulation, and network standards, architecture and engineering services. Through these specialized technical services, AFNIC supports the nation's warfighters with decisive cyber capabilities for mission success.

The center, a direct reporting unit to Air Force Space Command is the focal point for integrating mission systems, business systems, commercial information technology products and other networks into the Air Force Network (AFNet). AFNIC's strategic-level network integration, architecture/standards, engineering and simulation services enable major commands, functional communities, and program offices to successfully and efficiently design, develop and deploy "networthy" capabilities for the Air Force.

As part of its integration mission, AFNIC also leads the Air Force's #1 cyber priority, Air Force Network Migration. This project consolidates the service's previous collection of standalone, unit-specific architectures into a single, centrally managed enterprise network that enhances security, reduces costs and improves standardization.

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