Beret flash 313th C.E.W.I. Bn (Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence)

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the battalion was officially activated and assigned to the 82d Airborne Division on 16 October 1979. Companies were derived from many different units, including the 313th Army Security Agency (ASA) Battalion, formerly known as Headquarters and Service Company; the 3191st Signal Service Company (World War II) and 358th ASA Company, formerly known as Company A; the 82d Military Intelligence Company and 337th Communications Reconnaissance Company, formerly known as Company B; and 371st Radio Research Company, formerly known as Company C. On 1 November 1988, Companies A, B, and C were designated as direct support companies for each of the three infantry brigades and Company D was reactivated and assigned to the 313th Military Intelligence Battalion as the general intelligence support company. The battalion continued to evolve in the 1990s, with the activation of Company D as the general support company and reassignment of the Long Range Surveillance Detachment from the 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, the division's cavalry squadron, to the 313th Military Intelligence Battalion.

The unit provided direct and general support to the 82d Airborne Division in the form of intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination; counterintelligence and interrogation; signals intelligence, including ground and air based intercept, jamming, and direction finding; remote battlefield sensors and ground surveillance radar; moving target indicators; and long range surveillance.

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