US Army Artillery Compass , M2 (nonmaintainable) with case carrying 10543560 (Boxed)

19200-MIL-C-58052 marked mint in box of issue, dated june 1986


The M2 Artillery Compass is a special-purpose instrument designed for high accuracy. It combines a surveyors compass with a clinometer, level and a plumb built into one instrument. The M2 has readings for 0-359 degrees and 0-6400 mils.The M-2 Artillery Compass is designed to be a superior and highly accurate tool for artillery operations. The components of the M2 compass are:Azimuth Scale. The azimuth scale is numbered every 200 mils from 0 to 6400. The scale is graduated every 20 mils and can be read to an accuracy of 10 mils.Sights. The compass has front and rear leaf sights and a mirror in the cover for sighting and reading angles.Levels. The compass is equipped with a circular level for leveling the instrument before the azimuth values read. A tubular level is used with the elevation scale to measure angles of site.Angle-of-Site Mechanism. Rotation of the level lever causes the elevation level and the elevation scale index to rotate as a unit. The index clamps against the bottom piece to keep the mechanism from moving unless it is actuated by the level lever.

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