Serbia / Yougoslavia - Medaile M1927 dobrého dělostřelce Medalja dobrom nišandžiji (Medal of a good artilleryman)

No ribbon or suspension ring

€ 22,50

After the end of world war ii with the medals of further use in the kingdom of SHS and in the army of the kingdom of Yugoslavia (Regulation of the ministry of War and navy-Službeni vojni list, br 27.2.19271). The medal is changing only slightly. Description of the medals of 1927: The medal is made of base metal (bronze, tombak). Field gun is prominently placed in the background of the mountains and completely missing the royal crown. The wreath is is intertwined using laurel leaves (left) and oak leaves (right). On the back side is a shooting target and in the upper part is the inscription in cyrilicí and at the bottom there is an inscription executed in the Latin alphabet. The medal has a diameter of 37 mm and the one she wore on the band of the national colors ( slavic tricolor ). Medals of this type has again several variants, which differ somewhat in dimension, supporting only for us and the appearance of the front side .

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