Italy - Order of Vittorio Veneto, knight (Ordine di Vittorio Veneto, cavaliere)

Oxidised bronze Greek cross with pointed ends to the arms, on laterally pierced ball and original loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a circular central medallion bearing the five-pointed star of the Italian Republic circumscribed ‘ORDINE VITTORIO VENETO’, the arms decorated with oak leaves; the reverse with a circular central medallion bearing an Adrian helmet, the arms decorated with laurel leaves; on original ribbon

€ 50,00

The Ordine di Vittorio Veneto was instituted on 18 March 1968 with the sole rank of knight to express the grateful thanks of the nation to those who had fought in World War I. The Order is named for the Battle of Vittorio Veneto which began on 23 October 1918 and effectively ended Austria-Hungary as a fighting force with the Italians taking more than 300,000 prisoners. The medal was designed by the engraver Mancinelli of the Zecca di Roma (Rome Mint).

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