Romania - Medalia Barbatie si Credinta 3.Class (Medal for Steadfastness and Loyalty 3rd Class)

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The Manhood and Faithfulness Medal was awarded to noncommissioned Officers and enlisted men for service to the Crown of Romania as well as for lesser acts of Bravery. It was awarded in 3 classes, with and without swords; 1st class In Gold (gilt), 2nd class Silver and 3rd class In Bronze. For military service the medal was awarded with crossed swords. During the First World War, when Romania was associated with the Allied powers, this award was also given to British N.C.O.'s for acts of bravery in the Eastern Theatre of War. The words BARBATIE SI CREDINTA Literal translation is "Manhood and Faith" and in the context of this award means "Manhood- courage and Bravery Faith (as in faith in God)".

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