Spain – Medal Morocco Campaign Paz Marruecos 1909 – 1929

The medal was awarded in one class, being struck in steel with a blueish patina. The medal is essentially oval in shape, surmounted by a dove with open wings and an olive branch in its beak and an articulated royal crown. On the obverse is the inscription MARRUECOS within a crescent moon, and the scene of a Moroccan town with the inscription PAZ 1909-1927, The medal we have here is made of lightweight (aluminium?) metal. There is not too much literature on these, but from what we could find it should be made of iron, but many different productions exist, also because these medals were in large quantities awarded to French troops.

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The one we have here looks legit but since it is made of lightweight and what appears to be aluminium, Created by a Royal Decree of November 21, 1927, this medal was issued to commemorate the end of the military action in the Northern Zone of the Spanish protectorate and as a reward to those Spanish and French troops who helped establish Spanish control over the Rif and the entire z0he of Spanish Morocco.

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