Medal + miniature United Nations Vredesoperatie Cambodja (UNTAC)

Obverse: The United Nations global projection emblem, above which are the letters “U.N.”. Reverse: Plain, with the legend “IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE”. Size: 35mm in diameter.

€ 25,00

The United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC)[3] was a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Cambodia in 1992–93 formed following the 1991 Paris Peace Accords. This was the first occasion in which the UN directly assumed responsibility for the administration of an outright independent state (the UN did administer the former Dutch territory of Netherlands New Guinea between 1962–1963 prior), rather than simply monitoring or supervising the area. The UN transitional authority organised and ran elections, had its own radio station and jail, and was responsible for promoting and safeguarding human rights at the national level.

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