The NATO Medal with bar ARTICLE 5

with bar ARTICLE 5

€ 15,00

The NATO Medal is an international military decoration which is awarded to various militaries of the world under the authority of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It is manufactured by Eekelers-Centini Intl, of Hemiksem, Belgium. There are currently thirteen versions of the NATO Medal in existence, for service in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, theRepublic of Macedonia, two for service during Article 5 operations (Eagle Assist, Active Endeavour), and seven for Non-Article 5 NATO operations (ISAF, Balkans, NTM-Iraq, Africa, AMIS, OUP-Libya, and Pakistan). In addition, there are corresponding clasps for operations such as ISAF, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, NTM-Iraq and clasps designating Article 5, and Non-Article 5 designations. There is also a NATO Meritorious Service Medal, with a "Meritorious Service" clasp as well.

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