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Syria : Army medal 1962

correct ribbon

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Syrian Arab Army Medal 1962 Click to enlarge Gilt metal eight-pointed rayed star with white metal points between the rays, with laterally-pierced loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a circular red enamel medallion bearing the the coat of arms of Syria in gilt and red, green and black enamel, dated ‘١٩٤٥-٨-١’ (1 August 1945) on a ribbon below, imposed on a curved Syrian sword, all within a gilt laurel wreath border; the reverse plain; on original ribbon. The Medal was instituted on 13 September 1962 to mark the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army and to be awarded to members of the Syrian Armed Forces serving on 1 August 1962. This was amended on 28 April 1965 to include those who had served previously and who returned to active service after the Ba’ath seizure of power on 8 March 1963. All Syrian medals are becoming harder to find.

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