Swiss - Sawback sword bayonet for use on the 7.5 mm. Schmidt-Rubin M1911 carbine and M1931 Short Rifle (K31).

Ricasso: "Waffenfabrik" over "Neuhausen"

Crosspiece: "597070"

with correcr leather frog marked G.Muller, sattler Altikon ..... 44

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The M1914 has a swell-point blade profile, where the blade is wider at the point than at the ricasso. The 1914 blade is fullered on only one side.

Designated Sägebajonett Mod. 1914 (Sawing Bayonet Model 1914), the M1914 was issued to select troops. When equipped with K31 rifles, the M1914 bayonet was issued to:

—Driver corporals and mounted artillery sergeants;
—Blacksmiths, blacksmith private first class or lance corporal, blacksmith sergeants;
—Horse transport soldiers, PFCs, corporals and sergeants;
—Saddle makers; and,
—Drivers for motorized field artillery, howitzers and heavy howitzers.

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