Spain - Machete Bayoneta Modelo 1913

leather scabbard soft and pliable small part of stitching loose , Artilleria Fábrica Nacional, Toledo, Spain, probably in the 1920s.

€ 35,00

The M1913 bayonet was one of only a few bayonet types to utilize checkered wood grips. The scabbard is leather with steel mounts.

Adopted in 1913 as the Machete Bayoneta Modelo 1913, this bayonet was intended to replace the M1893 knife bayonet. However, with adoption of the M1916 Short Rifle in 1916, the M1913 bayonet was, instead, designated for use with the M1916 Short Rifle. It was subsequently also designated for use with the M1943 Short Rifle.

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