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Wandschild NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI)

In NAMFI’s emblem are illustrated the NIKE missile, which was one of the four missiles that were fired at NAMFI on the first firings ever conducted in 1969, the NATO’s emblem which symbolizes the connection between NAMFI and NATO and the wild animal called ‘’kri-kri’’, which only inhabits in Crete, thus showing NAMFI’s place of origin.In the foresight the saying ‘’Accuracy – Speed’’ is written for reminding all NAMFI users that these two characteristics are essential for a successful firing and furthermore for accomplishing the mission

€ 10,00

NAMFI is composed of several different installations which are situated in the peninsula of Acrotiri, northeast of the city of Chania, in the historic hellenic island of Crete. The establishments cover an area of 2 Km2 in total and are found in close distance between them to facilitate users.

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