Mouw insigne BeVo WA (Nice NSB - WA BeVo woven arm-badge)

The arm-badge was intended for wear by the 'NSB'-related: 'Weerafdelingen' (being more or less the equivalent of the German SA or 'Sturmabteilungen'). The Dutch "Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging" (National Socialist Movement) was founded by 'Anton Mussert' in December 1931 and was a Dutch pro-German Nazi Party. The black & red woven badge is having a nicely 'Wolfsangel' (Wolfhook) insignia to its center.

€ 165,00

Desirable and scarce original WA arm-badge in very good condition!

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  • Mouw insigne WA (Nice NSB - WA arm-badge)
  • Mouw insigne WA (Nice NSB - WA arm-badge)