Wing, Netherlands Army 104 Recon Company

metal wing with brass star attached, with working pin and catch

€ 25,00

104 Observation and Reconnaissance Company was a dedicated Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol unit (LRRP) and as such would operate in a tactical military intelligence-gathering role for the staff of 1 (NL) Corps. To this end its observation and reconnaissance teams would be covertly deployed behind enemy lines in the Corps Area of Intelligence Responsibility by means of paradrop, infiltration on foot or, preferably, by stay-behind method.4 From concealed dugouts the four-man teams would send their observations in the form of digitally coded 'burst' messages to the signals platoon back in the Netherlands, which would relay them to 1 (NL) Corps Staff. The company constituted the main operational element of the Commando Corps (Korps Commandotroepen) and was largely composed of hand-picked conscripts who went through a tough selection procedure and the basic commando training before being allowed to wear the coveted green beret. Each commando was then further trained to be an accomplished parachutist, telegraphist, code-expert, marksman and survival expert. Much emphasis was placed on survival techniques and endurance, and training in this field was particularly tough. Advanced training further included recognition of NATO and Warsaw Pact materiel, parachute jumping, mountain and winter training, and escape & evasion techniques. The company was largely self-supporting and had its own chauffeurs, cooks, mechanical engineers, parachute riggers and medical and administrative personnel.

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