Borst embleem / Blazer badge Duke of Brabant, Air Force


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In 1988, the "Duke of Brabant Air Force" foundation was established by a number of people active in aviation with a weakness for aviation history and historical coffins. The intention of these people was to make and keep historic (military) aircraft airworthy. The "Duke of Brabant air force" foundation owned this "B-25 Mitchel" operated a number of other historic crates which were in fact privately owned. This "B-25 Mitchel" flew from Eindhoven Airport from 1988 to 2004 and was a welcome guest at many flying parties throughout Europe. In 2004, the integration between the "Duke of Brabant Air Force" and the SKHV (Royal Historical Flight Foundation) became a fact. From that moment on this B-25 is part of the fleet of the SKHV and is stationed at Gilze-Rijen.

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