P37 Basic Pouches Mk3 1943 CANADA (matched pair)

marked Z.L.T.Ltd and a 4 number code ,Large C with broad arrow/|\ (crows foot) date 1943 on back both marked SMALL


These pouch,s are interchangeable,and are rectangular in shape to contain three Bren Gun magazines each,or a number of grenades,or S.A.A;. A buckle is provided at the top of each pouch for attachment of the braces.The buckle has a loop at the top which serves for connecting the hook on the shoulder strap.Two double hooks are fitted to the back of each pouch for attachment to the waistbelt

Under the box-lid flap, there are three cartridge loops. These were mostly cut from an integrally woven strip and stitched into place. Although not mentioned, in any official document yet seen, they are believed to be for ballistite cartridges. These were blank cartridges, with a more potent load than ordinary blanks, and were used to propel No. 36 Grenades from a Discharger Cup

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