WWI 1939 MK III Verners type Marching compass

Marked with broad arrow T.G.C London 1939 MK III, , Diameter: 54mm, Depth: 21mm Weight: 150gms (cased 220gms) Condition: The compass card is dirty and swings freely finding north easily. The locks both work well. the outer window very light marks. The brass case retains some original oxidised brass finish

€ 80,00

The compass has a brass case. The lid has a viewing window with sighting line and luminous markers to the inner lid. There is a free moving 1¾" dry card dial with a mother of pearl chapter ring. The inner scale is marked every five degrees whilst the outer scale is marked every one degree marked with the reciprocal bearing in reverse for viewing through the prism. There is a black painted centre with a luminous arrow marking north and the compass is covered with a flat crystal with a luminous bearing mark. The outside of the case has a momentary bearing lock and transit lock

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