Wireless Set Cdn No. 58 Mk.I:

nice set all Canadian marked, with antenna, headset, mice , , looks complete on inside

€ 775,00

The WS58 Mk 1 was a tropicalised and waterproofed portable HF transceiver developed and manufactured in Canada. It was introduced into service in 1943 (as a replacement for the No 18 Set) for short-range R/T communications in forward areas, primarily for inter-battalion use, infantry patrols and paratroopers.Wireless Set Cdn No. 58 Mk.I: Battery container in canvas carrier (Aerial rods 'quiver' normally attached to the door of the set case (centre). Note headset assembly with the microphone supported in a special slot on the side of the set in front of the operator's mouth, allowing the use of both hands. The transmit/receive key was located at the top of the door.

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