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3x Aircraft Spotter series Sweet Caporal cigarettes Canada

no 40 Junckers, no 14 Flying Fortress and no 35 Stuka

€ 15,00

Manufactured by: Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada, Ltd.; Sweet Caporal Cigarettes
Country: Canada
Number of Cards: 136
Card Sizes: 3
"S" = 84 × 75 mm (15 cigarettes package)
"M" = 90 × 75 mm (20 cigarettes package)
"L" = 102 × 75 mm (25 cigarettes package)
Circa: 1940-41
Checklist: Download

During World War II, the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Ltd. issued a series of airplane Trading Cards titled Aircraft “Spotter ” Series - Allied and Enemy Planes. These cards were issued as part of several Sweet Caporal Cigarettes package designs. There were three basic package design/sizes, with multiple printings on two of the sizes. As of 8/1/2016, the total number of known cards in this multiple series of card-image/card-number combinations is 136. There are two unnumbered Aircraft Markings cards, and a series of 134 Airplanes cards numbered from 1 to 66. The first 55 of these silhouettes cards are easier to collect than the cards numbered from 56 through 66, which are extremely difficult to acquire.

Aircraft Spotter series Sweet Caporal ciagerettes

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