RAF Power unit type 87 AM

Embodies transmitter unit, type 22, receiving unit, type 25, either chassis assembly, type 7 with power unit, type 87, or chassis assembly. type 8, with power unit, type 104.

€ 35,00

Airborne equipment designed primarily for F. A. A.

Type of wave R/T and M.C.W.
Frequency range 4.3 Mc/s. to 6.7 Mc/s. in maximum of four 'spot" frequency channels
Frequency stability Quartz crystal controlled
Power input Transmitter 250Volts, 60mA, HT; 6,3Volts, 1,3A; heaters.
Receiver 275Volts, 35mA, HT;n6,3Volts, 1,2A; heaters.

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