Brass shell for QF 3-inch AA gun 1910/6 (inert)

markings 5 1n 20 CWT R.l Cf 1910/6 ^71

€ 55,00
The QF 3-inch 20 cwt anti-aircraft gun became the standard anti-aircraft gun used in the home defence of the United Kingdom against German Zeppelins airships and bombers and on the Western Front in World War I. It was also common on British warships in World War I and submarines in World War II. 20 cwt referred to the weight of the barrel and breech, to differentiate it from other 3-inch guns (1 cwt = 1 hundredweight = 112 lb, 51 kg, hence the barrel and breech together weighed 2,240 lb, 1,020 kg). While other AA guns also had a bore of 3 inches (76 mm), the term 3-inch was only ever used to identify this gun in the World War I era, and hence this is what writers are usually referring to by 3-inch AA gun.(inert)

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