Aiming lamp Mk. III for Vickers MG

Not complete , looks not in working order, not tested

€ 65,00

The Mk. III aiming lamp has a hinged ground spike which folds against the box and is retained by a leather strap. The lamp is a proprietary electric cycle lamp, an amber celluloid disc being supplied to diffuse the light when necessary. Unlike the Mk. II, the box is left with the aiming post when in use, the lamp being operated by means of a 30 yards length of plaited fishing line. The line is connected to a switch rod which operates a ceiling type switch in the box which, in turn, is connected by flexible leads to the battery and lamp. A steel chain 30-in. long has one end secured to an eye in the box, the other end having a spring hook. The chain can be used for anchoring the box to any convenient post or object if the nature of the ground does not permit the use of the ground spike.

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