Badge 15 Maintenance Unit South Africa (1st issue)

lugs intact

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15 Maintenance Unit is South Africa's oldest logistic unit as it claims it origins as far back as 1899, when it was formed at Pietrmaritz`burg as the Natal Volunteer Transport Corps. It was renamed to the 2nd Mounted Brigade Train in 1913, and saw action in both World War 1 and German South West Africa (1916 - 1918). In 1926, the unit moved from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. During World War 2, the unit undertook mammoth convoys through Kenya, Abyssinia and into the battlefields of Egypt and was part of the triumphant advance through Italy. It was renamed 1 Supply and Transport Company in 1954, and finally became 15 Maintenance Unit in 1971.

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