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In 1957 the Defence Act (Act no 44) ensured the creation of the South African Defence Force (SADF). This heralded a new era in the military history of the country. In 1961 the (All Arms of Service) Division Military Intelligence (DMI) was established. Several officers were sent on course to Britain, France, Germany and the USA. This was the first time South Africa became involved in strategic intelligence activities. In fact DMI was responsible for all strategic intelligence activities. Elements of DMI were involved in tactical intelligence. In 1964 DMI became an independent division of the SADF and fell under the command of the then Commandant General of the SADF. In the following year DMI became a staff unit under the command of the Chief of the Defence Force. In 1967 it fell directly under the command of the Chief of the Defence Force. In September 1968 the Bureau for State Security (BOSS) was formed. It absorbed elements of DMI. However DMI remained as such and conducted counter intelligence activities within the military. In 1969 DMI saw more reorganisation and BOSS was thus formed as a completely civilian organisation. In 1972 the results of the Potgieter Commission into the effective co-ordination between state departments resulted in the promulgation of the Act on Security Intelligence and the State Security Council and its consequences were effected. Thus the various mandates were determined for each of the intelligence organisations within the country. In 1978 BOSS changed its name to the Department of National Security and then underwent another name change to National Intelligence Service (NIS) in 1980. Today it is known as National Intelligence Agency (NIA). In 1974 the SADF had a review at its structure. The President was overall commander in chief. Under his command the State Security Council was formed to co-ordinate all intelligence activities of the country.

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