Formation patch Royal Canadian Artillery (1st and 2nd AGRA)

wool badge blue on red

€ 20,00

The Army was formed in early 1942, replacing the existing unnumbered Canadian Corps, as the growing number of Canadian forces in the United Kingdom necessitated an expansion to two corps. By the end of 1943 Canadian formations in the UK consisted of three infantry divisions, two armoured divisions, and two independent armoured brigades. The first commander was Lieutenant-General A.G.L. "Andy" McNaughton, who was replaced in 1944 by General H. D. G. "Harry" Crerar. Both had been senior artillery officers in the Canadian Corps in the First World War. Allied formations of other nationalities were added to the First Canadian Army to keep it at full strength.[1] The Army's strength was 177,000 in all ranks at the end of 1942. One year later it had grown to 242,000. On 31 May 1944 it was 251,000 of which 75,000 were in Italy

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