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Formation patch RAOC army emergency reserve

Woven Formation Badge


The Army Emergency Reserve was formed in 1924 to provide engineer, signals and transport units in wartime. Supplementary Reservists - civilians whose professions or trades qualified them to fill gaps in the Army’s wartime order of battle - often recruited from the railways or large specialist firms, served as individuals or within formed units, committing themselves to overseas service. Re-formed at the end of 1947 as part of the post-war Reserve Army, in September 1952 the SR was renamed the Army Emergency Reserve (AER), a title more descriptive of its role. As those with the specialist skills required by AER units could not be found in the small area around a single TA drill hall, the Reservists came from a wide area, annual camp the only time that AER units trained together. These reservists served in Specialist ‘Pools’ raised, trained and administered by a regular HQ

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