Slip-on Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (R.E.M.E.) canvas

Regimental Designation printed slip on

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Prior to REME's formation, maintenance was the responsibility of several different corps:

Royal Army Ordnance Corps—weapons and armoured vehicles
Royal Engineers—engineering plant and machinery, and RE motor transport
Royal Corps of Signals—communications equipment
Royal Army Service Corps—other motor transport
Royal Artillery-heavy weapons artificers
World War II's increase in quantity and complexity of equipment exposed the flaws in this system. Pursuant to the recommendation of a committee William Beveridge chaired, the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was formed in October 1942. Maj Gen Sir E. B. Rowcroft, who was instrumental in its creation, was appointed the first director of the Corps. The Corps had the rare honour of being granted the 'Royal' prefix at its inception. In addition, the Lillibullero was selected as the official Regimental March of the REME.

Such a major re-organisation was too complex, however, to be carried out quickly and completely in the middle of a world war. Therefore the changeover was undertaken in two phases. In Phase I, which was implemented immediately, REME was formed on the existing framework of the RAOC Engineering Branch, strengthened by the transfer of certain technical units and tradesmen from the RE and RASC. At the same time a number of individual tradesmen were transferred into REME from other corps. The new corps was made responsible for repairing the technical equipment of all arms with certain major exceptions.

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