Shoulder flashes Cadet Force (canvas)

black on kaki printed on canvas

€ 25,00

At the onset of World War II the Cadet Forces supported the Home Guard at a time when there was a significant threat of German invasion, this led to the War Office in 1942 re-assuming administration of Cadet Forces which at this time consisted of the Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), and the Air Training Corps (ATC) (named in 1941). When it resumed administration in 1942 the title Army Cadet Force (ACF) was bestowed upon the Cadet Force leading in 1945 to the BNCA changing its name to the Army Cadet Force Association (ACFA), this organisation is a registered charity and still plays a vital role in the life of the ACF to this day.,[7] in 1948 those elements of the Army Cadet Force that came under School administration (approximately 100 units) were split from the ACF and were bestowed the title Combined Cadet Force

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