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Formation patch 51th (Highland) Infantry Division

complete set


The badge was a minor variation on that worn by the Division during 1914-1918. In the Second World War the Division was so assiduous in marking its bridges and its routes that it earned the nickname of the 'Highway Decorators'. The Division was a first-line Territorial Infantry Division at the beginning of war in 1939 and it joined the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) on 24 January 1940. In April 1940 the Division transferred to the Saar under French 3 Army for battle experience in the Maginot Line. It was never able to rejoin the main BEF and fought for the remainder of the campaign under French command. 154th Brigade Group was detached to 'Arcforce' for the protection of Havre and escaped through that port. The rest of the Division was captured at St Valery en Caux on the Channel coast when surrounded by Rommel's 7th Panzer Division. In August 1940 the Division was reconstituted by redesignation of 9th (Highland) Division, its duplicate Territorial Division. The Division transferred to the Middle East in August 1942 and fought with 8th Army from Alamein to Sicily. In November 1943 it was brought back to the UK to prepare for the invasion of North West Europe. It was a second-wave division and fought with 21st Army Group from Normandy to the Elbe

Formation patch 51th (Highland) Infantry Division

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  • Formation patch 51th (Highland) Infantry Division
  • Formation patch 51th (Highland) Infantry Division