Cap badge The Queens Gurkha Signals

brass and white metal construction

€ 10,00

The history of Queen's Gurkha Signals dates back to 1911 when Gurkha Signallers were employed in the three Indian Corps of Sappers and Miners (Bombay, Bengal, and Madras). It wasn't until the First World War the whole companies of Gurkha signallers existed within these three Corps. Eventually at the end of 1928 these corps were phased out of service due to an insufficient work force.

The second Gurkha Signals unit was created during The Malayan Emergency. The unit was raised to support the Gurkha Infantry involved in battle against communist-sponsored guerilla organization Malayan Races Liberation Army. This unit was fully composed of Gurkhas unlike the previous incarnation. On 18 December 1959, the newly formed unit was christened 48th Gurkha Brigade Signal Squadron with its commander Major L H Gregory MBE and 110 men. The regimental title went through many different names during the short period, before settling on the name Gurkha Signals in 1955.

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