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Pagri or Helmet badge 90th Punjabis

both lugs intact, all white metal construction

€ 20,00

After the First World War, the 90th Punjabis were grouped with the 91st and 92nd Punjabis, 93rd Burma Infantry and the two battalions of 89th Punjabis to form the 8th Punjab Regiment in 1922. The 90th Punjabis became the 2nd Battalion of the new regiment. During the Second World War, 2/8th Punjab returned to their old hunting grounds of Burma, where once again, they fought with great gallantry in the Burma Campaign.

In 1947, the 8th Punjab Regiment was allocated to Pakistan Army. In 1956, it was merged with the Baluch Regiment and 2/8th Punjab was redesignated as 2 Baluch (now 2 Baloch). During the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1965 and 1971, the battalion distinguished itself on the Sialkot and Lahore Fronts.

Now the unit is in Lahore (Punjab).

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