Cap badge Elgin Regiment WW2

brass construction, both lugs intact

€ 25,00

The "Elgins" as they were known, became active with the outbreak of World War II, and in 1940, was brought up to strength as a member of the Canadian Active Service Force with the addition of companies from the Middlesex and Huron Regiment and the Oxford Rifles. In July 1941, the Second Battalion of the Elgin Regiment was formed in St. Thomas to act as a training unit preparing men for overseas service.

During 1942, the 1st Battalion (CASF) was changed from an infantry unit to a member of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, and went overseas as the 25th Armoured Regiment. In 1943, they were retasked again as the 25th Canadian Tank Delivery Regiment, and then the 27th Armoured Delivery Regiment. This was a role they would continue until the end of the war, although always known by their contemporaries as the "Elgins." For information about the Regiment's intriguing connection to Kangaroo's - the first armoured personnel carriers - click Kangaroo.

The 1st Battalion returned to Canada in 1946, and was disbanded, and the 2nd Battalion was reorganized as an Infantry Regiment.

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