Shoulder flash 6th field regiment , RCA, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division

A dark black/blue wool strip on which embroidered in red sans-serif capitals 6RCA.white canvas backing


The Regiment mobilized on 1st September 1939 as 6th Field Brigade and was assigned to 2nd Canadian Infantry Division. On 1st June 1940 it became 6th Field Regiment and took under command 13th/21st and 91st/111th Field Batteries. Divisional field regiments at that time were two-battery units. The Regiment arrived in the UK on 5th September 1940 where, effective 1st January 1941, the Batteries regained their individual identities. The Regiment re-organized on a three-battery basis, with 13th (Winnipeg), 21st and 91st Field Batteries under command. 111th Battery became joined 7th Anti-Tank Regiment. One member of the Regiment managed to participate in the Dieppe raid on 19th August 1942, was wounded and awarded the MC. The Regiment landed in Normandy on 8th July 1944 and came into action first at Carpiquet on 13th July, in support of 3rd Canadian Division. The Regiment fought throughout the North West Europe campaign, principally in support of 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade. The Regiment was authorized to disband effective from 23rd September 1945.

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