Formation patch 79th Armoured Division (canvas)

A bull's head in black with white facial markings, red nostrils and tips to horns, on an inverted yellow equilateral triangle with a black border.printed on canvas


In April 1943 it was re-organized and tasked to devise and test armoured assault equipment for the D-Day landings and the campaign in North West Europe. Eventually the Division commanded or otherwise developed a brigade (30 Brigade) of 'Crab' flail tanks, for the breaching of minefields, a brigade (1 Assault Brigade RE) of Churchill tanks converted to Engineer tasks (the Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers or 'AVRE'), and a number of independent units such as the Churchill-based 'Crocodile' flamethrower, armoured personnel carriers based on the Canadian Ram tank ('Kangaroo') and the American 'Buffalo' amphibious personnel carrier (Landing Vehicle Tracked - LVT). Development of the swimming DD (Duplex Drive) tanks also fell to the Division. The Division formed specialist assault teams for the D-Day landings for the purposes of breaching and clearing the shore defences. It subsequently provided specialist support throughout the campaign, frequently with units or even sub-units down to Troop level detached for specific operations.

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