Formation patch 1st and 2nd Canadian AGRA RCA 2nd Canadian Corps

blue on red multi layer

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Canada fielded a national army for the first time in its history during the Second World War. To distinguish the two Canadian corps serving simultaneously in the United Kingdom, distinctive insignia was adopted. A logical extension of the existing formation patch series, itself a continuation of those originally adopted by the divisions of the Canadian Corps in 1916, was the adoption of a blue rectangle. Various 2nd Canadian Corps troops adopted shoulder patches made from three materials mainly (canvas, felt and wool).

Members of various corps serving in support units came to wear formation patches with letters in the middle. A formation patch with a maroon coloured strip in the middle was worn by some members of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (RCAMC)

Soldiers whose units were directly attached to lower formations within the Corps wore the formation patches of those formations.

Shoulder patch RCA 1st and 2nd (AGRA)

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  • Shoulder patch RCA 1st and 2nd (AGRA)
  • Shoulder patch RCA 1st and 2nd (AGRA)