Cap badge Royal 22nd regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Canadian Infantry Division

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The Royal 22nd Regiment (R22R), in French and officially (in both French and English usage) Royal 22e Régiment (R22R) and colloquially The Van Doos (an anglicized pronunciation of the French for twenty-two, vingt-deux), is an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army. The mostly francophone regiment comprises three Regular Force battalions, two Primary Reserve battalions, and a band, making it the largest regiment in the Canadian Army. The "maison-mère" or home of the regiment is La Citadelle in Quebec City and is where the regimental museum is housed. The regimental headquarters is located in Quebec City, with all three of its regular battalions stationed at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier in Quebec. The regiment serves as the "local" infantry regiment for Quebec where it draws most of its recruits.

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