Cap badge les Fusiliers Mont-Royal , 2nd Canadian Division

one lug missing, flaming grenade with FMR

€ 32,50

The regiment mobilized the Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, CASF for active service on 1 September 1939. It was redesignated as the 1st Battalion, Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, CASF on 7 November 1940. It embarked for garrison duty in Iceland with "Z" Force on 1 July 1940. On 31 October 1940 it was transferred to Great Britain. The regiment took part in OPERATION JUBILEE, the raid on Dieppe on 19 August 1942. It returned to France on 7 July 1944, as part of the 6th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, and it continued to fight in North-West Europe until the end of the war. The overseas battalion was disbanded on 15 November 1945.

The regiment mobilized the 3rd Battalion, Les Fusiliers de Mont-Royal, CASF for active service on 12 May 1942. It served in Canada in a home defence role as part of Military District No. 5 and the 7th Canadian Infantry Division. The battalion was disbanded on 15 October 1943.

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